Your First Appointment

What is your first step toward understanding your financial situation and needs? Our "Holistic Financial Review" may help uncover potential problems with your financial situation. 

Before you arrive, we will collect some preliminary information about you and your situation. We call this process triage, and we offer this service to all of our visitors in advance so our team is prepared to address the planning situation you present. This step is required and allows us to maximize our time together.

2. Your complementary consultation to our Complete Planning Review (CPR) will take approximately 45 minutes to a maximum of 75 minutes. This allows a relaxed pace to discuss your concerns and goals without feeling rushed with our professionals here at Guardian Wells Financial.

3. Your spouse, partner, family member or friend will be with you. To maximize productivity, we ask that all the decision makers be present at the initial consultation. This is for maximum time efficiency and eliminates the need to try to explain complex issues without our professional assistance.

4. You will receive a comprehensive review and discussion that can include:

Budget and Income Analysis – We will help you finalize what your existing budget needs are from scratch or review your existing budget for accuracy and offer recommendations to cover upcoming changes that many retirees face as they grow older (inflation, healthcare costs, taxes, etc…). This alone has provided many retirees a firm foundation to understand and plan on how they will meet their needs during retirement.

“Investment Cents” Review – Understanding the level of risk you would like to take with your investments is crucial in planning for a successful retirement. When you add in unexpected or unknown fees, the landscape of your hard earned investment dollar could look vastly different than what you expect as you grow older. Seeking yield and safety can be scary today. We can show you options that can provide benefits such as reasonable growth and income while minimizing risk to your portfolio. With us, any of the “strings attached” to get these benefits will be fully disclosed and discussed as well. No more second guessing who to trust and where to go for a straightforward planning approach.

Estate and Asset Preservation – Here you will have an opportunity to address how a life changing event could drastically affect your retirement lifestyle for you and your loved ones. Understanding how to protect your estate for your spouse and family when a
disability or death occurs can be very helpful if discussed proactively. Also with government increasing regulations, not to mention overall taxes, many families are concerned how much will actually be left to a spouse or loved ones. We can provide an educated approach to guide you through the maze of keeping more of what you have and help maintain this plan throughout retirement.

A True Team Approach – People are tired of having multiple advisors and professionals who do not communicate. With this in mind, we can arrange additional professionals (attorneys, accountants, and caregivers) to meet if necessary in the future. After your complementary consultation, we can help as a liaison and save much needed time to bring a complete team to the table here at our office if needed. We also discuss if or when other professionals are needed to help save time and money. We are committed to bringing value to you from day one.

To Summarize

  • You’ll be greeted warmly and seen at your appointment time. We strive to minimize wait time.
  • Your appointment will last 45 minutes to no longer than 75 minutes.
  • All the family decision makers are asked to attend the entire meeting.
  • You’ll get a complete and thorough review of your situation and what steps may be needed to get your plan on track.
  • You’ll understand any potential problems which exist and the potential outcome available if you allow Guardian Wells Financial to help solve these problems with you.
  • Just know that a true team of professionals is ready to help you reach your goals.